Terra Café: A Café Longed for by Morgantown

By: Audrie Kuntz

Terra Café. “Fresh, authentic and tranquil,” customer, Alexa DeStefano says about the serene café located off of Monongahela Boulevard in Morgantown, West Virginia. This eclectic and relaxing café has a lot to offer for all of those who are traveling along the nearby river.

The enjoyable eatery hosts local beers and wine, decadent desserts made in-house, a focused and quality menu all made from fresh and local ingredients, fresh coffee and indigenous talent that creates and a casual ambiance, all from what can be enjoyed from within the café or outside overlooking the Monongahela River.

“Cafés in Morgantown like this one are few and far between so having a hot spot to go grab a coffee and a fresh lunch makes it that much more special and enjoyable,” DeStefano raved.

But what marked the start of this highly-praised “get-away?”

The grand opening of this coffee hot spot marks back to August 2011 and has been gaining popularity ever since from “not only students but also business professionals who stop in and order a coffee and a hot breakfast all made-to-order,” Sarah Kylwein, employee of Terra Café said.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.23.33 AM

Not only is the menu well-liked but so are the live performers. The bands or solo artists who come in typically reach out to the cafe and bring in demo CDs for the staff  of Terra Café to show off what they’re all about. When choosing who to select to perform, the staff seeks out artists who are “laid back” and give off a “customer based feel,” Kylwein added. “The only thing we seem to vote against is hard-core rock. That goes against our vibe here.”

Kywein said what she thinks sets them apart from other cafes is the fact that everything from the cafe is made fresh and from local ingredients that are not only made-to-order but also made from scratch.

As far as the options for the adult beverages go, you may just need to give yourself some time to decide. From the wines to the local beers, the list is extensive and honestly, quiet impressive. It is sure to please the palette of even the most particular.

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As if you thought it was going to end there. Terra Café has artwork displayed that is also contributed by the locals. This artwork is for sale to anyone who comes into the cafe.

“I am always looking for excuses to escape there with my roommate for the afternoon or morning. Sometimes I set up shop for a few hours at a time with my laptop to get some work done while enjoying the amazing food and drink simultaneously.”

3 thoughts on “Terra Café: A Café Longed for by Morgantown”

  1. I’ve never been to Terra Cafe, but I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from people! I hope to go sometime to experience this uniquely-sounding cafe to get a cup of coffee and bite to eat. The pictures on your blog look amazing!


  2. Nice feature, but I would’ve liked to see a few different things. Is the fact that their ingredients are local the only thing that sets them apart from other similar restaurants in the area? How tough is it for them to compete with these other cafes?


  3. I was so excited to read this post because I’ve never been to Terra Café but my friends say the greatest things about this place all of the time and I always get excited to hear about new food places in Morgantown because I’m a huge foodie. Terra Café seems like a great hangout spot and I liked the quote form the café employee saying that everyone from students to business people come for coffee and food. I also really liked the pictures you used because they were colorful and really brought the cafe to life without me even being there. I have to go here sometime before the semester is over!


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