4 Places To See Live Music…besides 123

By: Ashley DeNardo

Everyone in Morgantown knows about 123 Pleasant Street. It balances keeping the indie music scene alive with also being one of the most popular venues in town. It’s a great place to rock out with the crowd.

However, sometimes people need a calmer live music experience. Did you know there are many venues for local musicians to play for small audiences? The best places in Morgantown for intimate performances, from bluegrass to jazz, are found within the many eateries and bars around the city.


    1. Black Bear BurritosFrom the locally farmed ingredients to the mountain music, BBB ensures an authentic time within Appalachian culture. Its menu has myriad vegan and vegetarian choices and its own beer on tap. The venue works hard to be conscious of the environment, so you can be sure all waste is recycled.

      Almost every night, local musicians line up at 6:30 to play for the guests dining at both the downtown and Evansdale locations. Most of the musicians who play here stay true to the Appalachian atmosphere the restaurant works so hard to maintain.
    2. The Blue Moose CafeThe Blue Moose Cafe is located in the heart of downtown. As a cafe, it provides gourmet coffee, tea and beer as well as breakfast and lunch. One of its unique features is its obvious commitment to being healthy, organic and environmentally friendly. This is a prime spot for vegetarians.

      While you enjoy the smell of dark roast coffee and the free wireless connection, you can also enjoy live music. Local musicians, like Shenendoah Thompson, play acoustic sets of rock and bluegrass in a relaxed, cozy setting.

    3. Morgantown Brewing Company

      Morgantown Brewing Company is known for its extensive list of craft beers, which are brewed in-house. Rather than the Appalachian cultural atmosphere seen in the last two locations, this restaurant and local venue is all about craft beer and good all-American food.

      The music here ranges from jazz to bluegrass to country and more. The WVU Jazz Students get exposure here every so often. It also hosts CD-release parties for artists occasionally, such as it did for Apple Pappy last October. Morgantown Brewing Company gives locals the option to compromise between a rowdy night at the bar and a calm evening at dinner.

    4. Wit’s End Lounge
      This lounge is located in the Ramada Inn’s Conference Center. They also boast a menu of craft beers, sandwiches and appetizers. Besides the usual live music, karaoke and comedy nights take place every month.

5 thoughts on “4 Places To See Live Music…besides 123”

  1. These are some of my favorite venues! I love when the High Street Jazz Band plays at Black Bear because it creates a much more authentic West Virginia vibe. Plus, who doesn’t like live jazz music and giant burritos!?Blue Moose Cafe and Morgantown Brewing Company are two other great places for food and entertainment. However, I’ve never heard of Wit’s End, so I’m glad you including this lesser-known place. I’ll have to check it out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was a really interesting and informative piece! I think it’s a great idea to highlight lesser-known venues for great local music. Your map was also very helpful as well to show where these places are. While I’m familiar with most of these places for the food, I’ll have to visit them next time with the music in mind!


  3. I feel like reading this is a nice change of pace from what you guys have been doing and is more of the type of piece you should be doing. Focusing on uncovering places and things that people don’t necessarily know about, not just doing band profiles and stuff like that. Like, a lot of people go to Black Bear, but they don’t necessarily associate it with music, even though there are always people playing there.


  4. Wow, I didn’t know so many places acted as venues for live music. I’ve been to almost all of these places, but I guess never at the right time to hear some good music. I loved the use of the map to show us exactly where these venues and restaurants are located. For anyone not from Morgantown, checking out this article, including the map would be extremely beneficial. I’m happy you included Witt’s End. While I’ve heard of all of the other places, I had never heard of this one, which definitely plays into your group blog’s overall theme. Good job!


  5. Great information here! Some of the best live music I’ve enjoyed in Morgantown has been at Black Bear or Blue Moose, but many people don’t realize they even offer entertainment. Also loved learning about places like the Wit’s End Lounge which are a little farther off the beaten path.


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