Dinning Around the World in Morgantown

Many may not know but Morgantown is the home to some of the best international cuisine in the state. From Ali Baba offering Mediterranean dishes to Yama and Ogawa offering the most delectable sushi treats, Morgantown can be a home away from home for international and foreign students and residents by offering international foods. So why is this important? Jon, a local chef says, “I think that as a chef it’s important to know how to cater to many different cultures. For Morgantown, it’s important because there are so many different cultures of people here at any given time and not everyone are fans of the all American food like burgers and fries. It’s vital for Morgantown to have different offerings of food to keep it diverse and welcoming. It will keep people flowing into Morgantown which will help keep it alive”

Ali Baba Kabob Source: http://alibabaexpress.com/catering

Morgantown tries to offer food from many different countries and cultures to cater to international residents and students. Just taking a walk down High St, you will find Chaang Thai who specializes in Thai dishes, Mother India who literally transports its visitors overseas with their atmosphere and fresh dishes, and Yama that’s a hidden gem in an alley serving Asian specialties to its guest just to name a few. Venturing off of High St and out of the Downtown area gives endless possibilities to what unique and different food adventures you can experience from another country.

Seafood Dish from Chaang Thai
Seafood Dish from Chaang Thai

For a chef like Jon, seeing places like this is Morgantown is refreshing. He states, “I love these places and I love seeing them spread out all of Morgantown. I have international friends and they really appreciate getting to have a little of their home here. And I think places like this can really open the minds of some and educate them that there is more out there. As a chef, I want to try it all!”

Ogawa Sushi Platter
Ogawa Sushi Platter



2 thoughts on “Dinning Around the World in Morgantown”

  1. It is great that Morgantown has such a wide variety of foods to eat. You can get good food of almost any ethnicity in our town. One of my favorites is a new place Bombay. My girlfriend is obsessed with eat so we go all the time. It is delicious though, and I don’t mind to go because I love indian food. I love the variety of food we have to chose from in Morgantown.


  2. I love having so much international variety in Morgantown, however it took me a while to find the right places. I’m a sushi lover, so finding places like Ogawa and Lavender has been perfect! I’m also a huge Chaang Thai fan and love their on-the-go options for students!


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