Morgantown Underground: The Unseen Scene is a blog that focuses on different subcultures in Morgantown, West Virginia. From the local art and music scene to the LGBTQ community, in addition to the hippie and international culture, Morgantown Underground will feature various organizations and people within each subculture. Each week Morgantown Underground will highlight a different subculture while also uncovering the impact on the community.

Meet our bloggers:

My name is Kaitlin Davis and I am a senior print journalism student at the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University. In addition to being a senior, I am also enrolled in the accelerated master’s journalism program here at WVU, and I plan on graduating in May of 2017. I am originally from the small town of California, Maryland, and have lived there all my life.I come from a military family, both Navy and Army, but have never moved a day in my life. In addition to being a student, I am also a member of Alpha Omicron Pi the Sigma Alpha Chapter. For the past two summers, I have been blessed enough to be able to write for a local paper that has two editions in my hometown, the St. Mary’s County Times and the Calvert County Times. Through that internship I gained a lot of experience through writing multiple articles a week in addition to handling the calendars and obituaries. In addition to writing, my hobbies include reading, traveling to different places, dancing and singing.

After graduation, I have hopes of working at either a newspaper or magazine and beginning my journey into the journalistic world. I would love to work in Nashville, Tn., but I’m unsure where my journey will take me. My big career goal would be to write for National Geographic and travel the world learning about different cultures and areas.

For this blog I will not only write on specific organizations and individuals within each subculture, but I will also be handling photos for our blog.

Follow me on twitter and visit my own personal blog Women’s Health in the Media, which looks at how women’s body images are covered in the media. You may also send me an email at kmdavis1@mix.wvu.edu!


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.03.59 PM

My name is Audrie Kuntz. I am a television broadcasting major and upon my upcoming graduation in May, I will also have a minor in business administration. Although originally from Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the country roads of Morgantown have led me to a place I can call “home.” I come from a big, musical and loving family who has always supported me 110% of the way. When I remember thinking about college in high school, I naturally thought that I would go and pursue music as a career, after being surrounded with it my entire life.

Standing here today, I obviously decided against that and  I couldn’t be more grateful for that decision. From where I am today, I can honestly say, I am exactly where I was meant to be because I found the path I never knew was out there for me.

During the winter season you can find me on the slopes snowboarding with friends and family, and other times of the year? Anywhere and everywhere. I love to travel and enjoy spending time with those close to me. I love working out and cooking in the kitchen that I grew up in, with the one who first taught me how: my mom. My faith, family and friends are what keep me going, day in and day out.

You can find me on Twitter and also at my personal blog that features different aspects of the entertainment world as we know it today.


IMG_1056My name is Sierra and I’m a senior at West Virginia University. My major is Public Relations with a minor in Communication Studies. I was born and raised in Clarksburg, WV and am the oldest of two children. I attended Notre Dame High School and graduated fourth in my class in 2004 with the dreams of becoming an architect and moving to Los Angles, California, but life had totally different plans.

After two years in college, I decided that I was ready for the real world. I moved to Rockville, MD and spent an amazing three years working in retail, meeting fantastic people, and learning valuable lessons about how people, the world, and business works. After moving back to Morgantown and spending another four years in retail, I decided it was time for a life change, and I returned to school to finish my remaining two years.

I now want to be an event coordinator in Los Angeles (still) with a concentration in wedding planning after graduating from WVU in May of 2016. My hobbies include planning celebrations for family and friends, watching movies, taking pictures, and painting wine glasses.

Check out my personal blog I’m Lovin Myself which focuses on being body positive and follow me on Twitter.


0d73ac77117ae2b9af6a97d4c6fa3090My name is Ashley DeNardo. I am from Williamson, NY, which is a small rural town near Lake Ontario. I’m a senior at West Virginia University and I’m set to graduate in May with degrees in anthropology and journalism and a minor in history.

Besides being a writer on Morgantown Underground: The Unseen Scene, I also help out with data and HTML needs on the site.

In the past, I’ve worked as a social media and public relations person for multiple organizations. I worked for two years as the web editor and arts & entertainment editor of WVU’s school newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum. From 2012-2013, I worked as a newscaster and a DJ at the school’s radio station, U92 FM.

In my free time, I enjoy creative writing, playing guitar, singing and recording original music.

You can check out more of my work on my personal science journalism blog The Telltale Bones as well as on my website ashleydenardo.com. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @amdenardo.




Hey guys! My name is Angelina DeWitt, but you can call me Angie. I grew up just mere minutes outside of Morgantown, WV in a little town called Bruceton Mills. I’m a senior print journalism major at the Reed College of Media here at West Virginia University, and I’ll also be graduating with a minor in political science.

I’m really excited for Morgantown Underground: The Unseen Scene! I love writing about unknown or surprising things. I’ve always wanted to be an author, so that’s the plan – I want to write mystery fiction. In addition to being one of the five authors of this revealing blog, I will also be doing the grammar and editing as well.

I’ve always loved to write, whether it was for “journal time” in the sixth grade or for a class assignment, it’s something I always enjoy doing. I did a summer internship for the Watertown Tab, a weekly newspaper in Watertown, MA two years ago. I loved it! I lived ten minutes outside of Boston, my favorite city, and I learned so much as a journalist and as a writer. I was the main journalist for the newspaper, which was amazing as an intern, so I produced about 10 stories per week. It was exhausting, but seeing my name all over the front page every week was such a rush. The coolest thing I got to do as a part of the Watertown team was go to the breaking news site of a meth lab that had just been busted! I hung out with the broadcast reporters who had their vans and cameras all just waiting, getting to see the behind-the-scenes aspect of it all.

After graduation, I plan to travel before going to grad school for creative writing. I want to rent a pay-by-the-month apartment in London, England and travel around Europe for a month or two – but I want to go next spring just in time to see the Holland tulips in bloom!

You can find me over on my personal blog One With the Wind where I discuss my travel plans and will, eventually, write about my traveling as it happens. I can also be found on The Future: As told by a social media opportunist where I discuss the benefits of social media in relation to marketing for local businesses.

To reach me directly, I’m on Twitter at @angelinadewitt or you can shoot me an e-mail, amdewit@mix.wvu.edu


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